CMDBAC Website Launched!

We are pleased to announce the first release of the Carnegie Mellon Database Application Catalog.

The CMDBAC is a collection of open-source database applications that you can run locally for benchmarking and experimentation. We have created an on-line repository that allows you to search for applications that have workload properties that are relevant to your research. For example, you can search for applications that have a lot of secondary indexes or have read-modify-write workload patterns. The CMDBAC has already figured out how safely deploy each application, including their library dependencies and runtime environment, and then how to run them. We provide a Python-based tool that allows you to download an application and run it in your local environment with zero configuration. You just tell it what DBMS to point it at and it will automatically populate the database (with synthetic data) and execute actions in the application (again, with synthetic data and workload distributions). You can then collect query traces for further analysis and testing.

The CMDBAC currently contains over 1000 applications of varying complexity. We target Web applications based on popular programming frameworks because (1) they are easier to find and (2) we can automate the deployment process. We support applications that use the Django, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Node.js, and Grails frameworks.