Carnegie Mellon Database Application Catalog

A repository of over 8000 ready-to-run database applications for analysis and benchmarking

Project Overview


We crawl on-line source code repositories (e.g., GitHub, Bitbucket) to find open-source database applications using common web frameworks.


Our deployment tool downloads each application, automatically determines the dependencies need to run it, and deploys it in a Vagrant sandbox.


We inject a driver in the sandbox that causes the application to interact with the database and monitor the DBMS's log to capture the workload.


We then analyze these query workloads and extrapolate information about the nature of real-world database applications.

Current Status


Project Type Found Apps Runnable Apps Success Rate Updated
Django 31016 6171 19% 2017-09-28
Ruby on Rails 16654 2226 13% 2017-09-28
Node.js 1133 32 2% 2017-09-28
Drupal 287 287 100% 2017-09-21
Grails 9 9 100% 2017-09-27

Recent Deployment Attempts

Repository Database Result Date
DipakPanchal/magazine_app MySQL Success 2016-11-21
ARBELL/my-first-blog MySQL Success 2016-10-28
tgmiller5/todo MySQL Success 2016-10-28
ategixadmin/my-first-blog MySQL Success 2016-10-28
Mousab/mousabWork MySQL Success 2016-10-28